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March 05, 2008


coach suitcase

Early rising enables us to plan the work of the day. We can’t work well without a plan. Just as the plan for the year should be made in spring, so the plan for the day should be made in the morning.


You people just need to grow the fuck up! Plan and simple! and so noone gets there vaginas hurt I mean you people by the people against this! I could care less what color you are but it seems like thats all you care about! Why does it always have to be holy shit thats a white guy doin something a black person might do? I mean really? Thats the last thing on my mind when I see something funny! I think he is very funny and would hate it if people like you (people always bitchin about stupid shit) ruin this for everyone else just like you have many other things! Look if you dont like it then done watch or listen to it! I dont like alot of things but I just stay away from those things! Being a gay man myself trust me there is alot that can offend me but I dont get upset! I think it is funny when people make fun of the stereotype gays as well! No sweat! I just think we all need to grow up! If you didnt care as much it wouldnt be that big of a deal!

Robert Goren

What we've lost is our ability to laugh at the foibles that we all have. All in the Family was a hit because Archie didn't discriminate. He'd was equally against "Polacks" as much as "Black people" or anybody else. That's what makes comedy like this work, to accept it as it is, not try and read anything more into it than that. Just sit back and enjoy the show. Lord knows there's enough about any of my ethnic ancestors that other people will find funny.

Janet Bradford

Why is it okay for the Wayans brothers to dress like white girls and make fun of the stereotypical white girl? I'm a white girl, I wasn't offended at all, I thought it was hilarious.


As a matter of fact, if a black comedian traveled the country dressed as a white woman doing an act as a white woman who is poor trailer park trash, I WOULD welcome him with open arms and hope he does the act as well as Shiley Q Liquor. Maybe could do a duet with Betty Butterfield.

R. Lattimore

I didn't enslave "you" or your people. My grandparent's didn't enslave "you" or your people, yet I am constantly looked down upon as if I were the "massuh" himself (minus the respect inherited through instilling fear.)

I am so sick of racism. White, black, it dosen't matter. Does it make it okay to call someone a nigger if you're black? What kind of logic are we working with here?

Lets put prejudice aside and work together as Americans.

How YOU durrin?!?!


I feel like, if the stereotype is the problem, it shouldn't be ok for anyone to use it, whether they're black or white.

To say that black people can only make fun of black people, and white people can only make fun of white people (except in the case of the Wayans brothers), just perpetuates the division between races. That division, by the way, will only ever dissolve if we change our attitudes about ourselves and each other.

I think that if Shirley Q. Liquor was performed by Eddie Murphy, it would certainly be more acceptable than having it performed by a gay white guy (who, it must be noted, has probably experienced his fair share of discrimination). Banning it wouldn't even be an issue, which means that it's not the material so much as the performer that makes it offensive. Therefore, to assert as much is equally racist as the performance you decry.

We'll only ever get past finger-pointing and crying "Racist!" if we change our attitudes and learn to laugh at ourselves no matter who's telling the joke.

the crazy jew

I do remember Eddie Murphy playing an elderly Jewish man in white face in the film "Coming to America." I found it funny. Is it okay for Eddie Murphy to dress as a white Jew?

Karnishiqua Jones

Not only should he be banded, he should be lynched, just like Bev Smith said.


Some people I know are having a real hard time wrapping their head around the word "ban" in this url.

They think its an infringement on free speech and your message seems to gets lost.

You may consider changing it to "speak out against."

Jasmyne, I'd love to get you on our talk show to talk to our audience about this issue.


You are a breath of fresh air.

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