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March 05, 2008



Whoops I mean a "toothless redneck cracker hillbilly law breaking sex offender faggot" who not only had sex with her 10 brothers but is also having sex with her 15 year old sister in the pig shed; her real name is Door Knob Daisy-Mae, cause all her brothers and sister got a turn.

Now that's funny!!

What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

If they get upset over what is being said here, then the faggot needs to cool his jets.

Also, fags have been riding on the backs of the civil rights movement far too long while they whine about injustice and then vote republican. They were not born that way, most choose to be homo's because they are perverted. May were slave owners, while sleeping with men and their animals.

And that's my two cents this stupid ass and all you stupid jerks who think this ass is funny. So I know you will have some smart-ass comment to what I am saying but the turth is the turth and no matter what you said it does not change the fact that homos are perverted.

Daddy B

Heck, I understand the hurt, but let's do it back.

A Southern Carolina 300 lb. white redneck moonshine drinking cracker "B" who has 10 childern from each one of her brothers and is a closet faggot, who sleeps with her sister.

AND her name "Door Knob Daisy"

Nigeria Congo

Where is this drag queen performing next!!!
The clips are wonderful!!
HAHAHA'promiscuitory ladies"


The dude is not even funny, but your crying only increases ho audience. "Let it go, please."


Hell, as a Black American I confused about what is a appropriate form of comedy. I've seen many comedians pretend to be gay, should the gay people be offended. Comedy is comedy, it's not meant to be socially, or politically correct. Crying about this leaves little room for us to laugh at comedians who make gay jokes, which I happen to find funny. I don't know what the gay community finds funny, and I don't care. Maybe if you weren't trying to plead for their acceptance you wouldn't care as much either.


All this hollering and complaining over some dude dressed like a Black lady, who cares? Hell, I wouldn't know who this dude was if you didn't harass him and mention him for over two years now. Stop trying to find things to make you offended. As a Black man I don't have any relatives like this character so what am I going to get mad for. I guess Black comedians should be banned from dressing like and acting like some White made up character. It's called comedy, stop being so insecure please. Now I think it's wrong what they did to Washington, but Hollywood is dominated by Gay Whites, so they have the power. If you don't like it, make sure you stop watching too much television. Jasmine you're very insecure, maybe if you lose weight you won't be as insecure as you are. You're taking this too personal, he is not talking about you.

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Shirley Q. Liquor Quotes

  • "I'm gonna burn me up some chitlins and put some ketchup on there and aks Jesus to forgive my sins." Shirley also shops at "Kmark," eats "Egg McMuffmans," visits her "gynechiatrist" and just loves "homosexicals."

    "On the fifth day of Kwanzaa, my check came in the mail/AFDC!/Thank you, lawd!/Come on, kids/Let's go to the store/For some collard greens, ham hocks and cheese!"

    "Baby, we was extremely povertied this week. My check had not came on time. Oooh, we was stretchin' it, honey. I aks them to keep my power on. I said, 'A woman have got to have some fans runnin' down here in this heat.' "