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March 05, 2008


Tami Keanan

Please help me understand why only the black race can laugh when only a black comedian/person is speaking a general truism in regards to the black race? If the black race can find humor in a joke and be able to laugh about it, why can't we all laugh at the joke?? Just because we're laughing, doesn't mean we're laughing out of hate! It's funny for crying out loud. When Eddie Murphy, Chris Rock, or David Chappelle cracks a white joke (along with all the black jokes), we're not up in arms in protest...we're laughing right along with everyone else. Lighten up! This is about being able to laugh alongside each other regarless of whether or not we're black, white, hispanic, Jewish etc. There is no reason to even bring up oppression or slavery ( if someone wants to discuss slavery, start a "BAN Website" on the children sex slavery and kidnapping that is CURRENTLY taking place within America...btw, this epidemic is effecting every race!).


GOLDMAN is not just a WHITE COMEDIAN, she is a JEW.. A RACIST JEW... so is Sarah Silverman "blacks killed Jesus" ... so is the JEW, Howard Stern, who played music that said and he said the N word 50 times in 10 minutes while his mammy Robyn Quivers sat right along laughing.

These people NEVER HAVE BEEN and are NOT our friends. From the time they made slave ships, captained them & bought and sold our ancestors in slave markets, held them in captivity and raped them- THE JEW HAS NEVER BEEN OUR FRIEND!!!


If we want to see minstrel behavior we don’t have to go beyond many black entertainer, rappers, comedians and reality show stars who we as a race didn't hold accountable. Of course this is NO excuse for the racist garbage of Shirley Q Liquor in black face. This white gay man is a disgrace. It doesn't surprise me that white gays and lesbians are supporting it. What makes them so different from the white mainstream population anyway? They are showing they can be just a racist and indifferent as any other group. White feminist are showing that same lack of sensitivity and not just in this video. Look at the presidential race and some of the things that white feminist like Geraldine Ferraro said about Obama.

Larry Eldred

Hilarious!!! LOL
Thank you!!
Where do we get her CD's??

Uanita Jones

I love these video and clips!!!!
add more!!!!

Karnishiqua Jones



And then while they're talking to the guest about the Big Gay Sketch Show, and Stacyann asks if there are any black people on the show, that other woman pats Stacyann on the knee and states "I think you were the only black lesbian they could find". Stacyann is clearly angry at the lack of diversity and outright racism within the "mainstream" LGBT community, and the other three white lesbians on the show clearly just wish she would shut up and be a good token black lesbian, LOL! I wish I could hear the pre-show conversation, it seems Stacyann was pissed from the start!

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Shirley Q. Liquor Quotes

  • "I'm gonna burn me up some chitlins and put some ketchup on there and aks Jesus to forgive my sins." Shirley also shops at "Kmark," eats "Egg McMuffmans," visits her "gynechiatrist" and just loves "homosexicals."

    "On the fifth day of Kwanzaa, my check came in the mail/AFDC!/Thank you, lawd!/Come on, kids/Let's go to the store/For some collard greens, ham hocks and cheese!"

    "Baby, we was extremely povertied this week. My check had not came on time. Oooh, we was stretchin' it, honey. I aks them to keep my power on. I said, 'A woman have got to have some fans runnin' down here in this heat.' "