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April 17, 2008



You KNOW what NEEDS to be done?

I think Black women should make a "tribute" character to gay men in the SAME vein of Shirley Q. Liquor because I'd love to see how many gay men would fucking shit bricks over it.

And before anyone says "two wrongs don't make a right"--you just acknowledged Knipps' crappy show as a wrong.


i think shirley is very awsome and she shouldnt be banned so go fuck yourselves

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Chris B.

I certainly understand your points of concern about this character Shirley Q. Liqor.

However, with all the truly ugly and hurtful racism in the country (and the world), why is this one rather minor individual singled out? I am not condoning his act, but to be honest, I had never heard of the man until I read some complaint about his character on another website and then Googled him and saw this site. Don't you think that this website and any similar ones which are filled with links to his performances simply act to give the man free publicity?

For the record, I am gay and white, and I think fairly "hip" to what is popular in the gay community, and I can say, even though I cannot nor do not wish to speak for all gay people, I really do not think Shirley Q. is very popular in the gay community, let alone in the much, much larger mainstream community. In short, this is a rather marginal fellow in a marginal community. If he wants to be a buffoon for handful of folks, let him be one! As the real civil rights activist, Eleanor Roosevelt, said, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." This man is so not worth the effort, and he certainly isn't worth this sort of shrine built in his honor (trust me, people like him thrive on negative attention).

If you really dislike Shirley Q. Liquor, the best thing you could do to hurt her, would be to ignore her. Let her little high school act fade away.


I smell some jealousy and an uptight publicity hungry half-retarded twat who is so desperate to MATTER that her cause, despite it's obvious double standards becoming evident everytime she opens her fat mouth to judge Knipp, is a lost one- and she can't even see it. Last time I checked, the First Amendment was still part of the Constitution, and I am reasonably certain that no one is being FORCED to she Shirley's act, so my question is : Why can't this bitch get a life and just NOT GO SEE HER??? Seems obvious to me. I know Knipp isnt racist, and neither am I, for that matter, BUT IF HE WERE, I WOULD DEFEND HIS RIGHT TO EXPRESS THAT THROUGH NONVIOLENT MEANS, including speech, characterizations, or what-the-hell-ever. GO FIND A WORTHY CAUSE and leave Shirley Alone!!!


Who runs this blog? Who supports them?


How about all the Black comedians the portray White Americans in a negative ways? Dave Chappelle dressed in White Face.This is ok for black people to make fun of whites because of the past? Do you really want to move on and heal, or just let comedy be comedy? Or should we live in a society like nazi Germany? With no Free Speech.
jose: Puerto Rico


"And I’ll add, we’ll just laugh at the fat white gay man who is passing judgment."

I smell a double standard! So, its wrong for Shirley Q. Liqour to depict the stereotype of a ghetto black woman for the sake of humour, but its ok to make fun of someone for being white, gay and fat? Youre such a hypocrite.


Grow up!!! Why you gettin all upset when you is homophrobic??? Shirley is hella funny.


ban shirley q??? Y'all some ignant ass foo's up in here!! I needz 2 cash my wic check 4 me & my 19 childrenz!! Axe dem who they daddy iz!!! Luv u shirley q!!

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Let's be honest..

Jasmyne Cannick's is a PUBLICITY WHORE.

She is a high school drop-out who started working the streets at age 15.

No one is interested in ANY of her opinions, unless it involves Shirley Q/Knipps.


I laughed so hard at this comment:

Mel Reeves, a black Miami activist, was insulted when shown a video clip of Shirley Q. Liquor portraying a stewardess for "Ebonics Airlines," in which the black-owned plane crashed from ineptitude. "That insinuates that black people can't run successful businesses."

Let's do business the "AFRICAN WAY: -"


Yeasty Poussay

I would like to quit school, quit my job, grow my hurr in a huge nasty 'fro and beat people down here in the projecks. I would also like to continue to have fat black babies and bitch about "racism."

Do I qualify for "reparations??"


Shirley Q... you were HILARIOUS in South Beach!!! How can we book you?
PS.. this page is BRILLIANT marketing!!! LOL
Miss Vicky

Delores Mouton

They say it was not even one protester at the Shirley Q. show in Miami and that she had black women as back up dancers and singers.

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